Khalid Raheem is a highly regarded community activist with an extensive background in addressing complex urban issues related to human development and social justice.

As a youth, Khalid joined the Philadelphia chapter of the Black Panther Party (www.itsabouttimebpp.com) (www.naabpp.org) in early 1970. He immersed himself in community organizing and community service via the Party's various campaigns and programs. As the black liberation movement  intensified, Khalid was subsequently arrested and incarcerated for over ten years.

In prison, Khalid embraced the teachings and practices of Islam which provided him with a much needed spiritual component. Islam strengthened  his commitment to personal development and social justice. While incarcerated, he also continued the struggle to establish and expand prisoners rights, while challenging the existence of  barbaric and inhumane conditions of imprisonment.

Upon his release, Khalid hit the ground running. He has worked professionally with various agencies and organizations throughout the Pittsburgh area, serving as a counselor, program director, youth worker and consultant ( www.raheem-consultants.com ).

A skilled community organizer, Brother Khalid has been involved with numerous local and national initiatives and organizations including: the National Black Independent Political Party (NBIPP), Pittsburghers Against Apartheid, Community Mosque, Inc. (www.communitymosque.org), the  African American United Front,  the Million Man March Local Organizing Committee, the October 22nd Coalition, Citizens for Police Accountability, Jericho (www.thejerichomovement.com), and the Gang Peace Council of Western Pennsylvania. He is also the founder of the New Afrikan Independence Party (newafrikan.org).

In April 1993, Khalid attended the National Urban Peace and Justice (Gang Peace) Summit in Kansas City, Missouri. His goal was to network with others to address the spiraling epidemic of youth violence..

From this historic meeting emerged the Gang Peace Council of Western Pennsylvania and the National Council for Urban Peace and Justice. In addition to his untiring effort to curb the tide of violence in our cities, Khalid continues to be a strong advocate for social justice issues such as quality education, affirmative action, reparations, freedom for U. S.  political prisoners, living wage initiatives and criminal justice reform.

Khalid Raheem currently resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and serves as the President/CEO of the National Council for Urban Peace and Justice (www.ncupj.net).,  
P. O. BOX 99746
(412) 606-0059
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